housed in the isokon, is goodwin’s full compliment of odd, otherworldly goodies, intended to manipulate and destroy otherwise pristine sounds, and bring life to otherwise stale and dull complements. among these toys is a vintage MCI 416 desk, various specialized outboard equipment, manipulation devices, a pro tools system, and with it, a massive armory of plugins, and intracomputation devices

found objects, found sounds, and noisemakers that were once considered useless, have all found a welcome home at the isokon.

amongst these oddities, you’ll find that there is great care in the selection of implements. these microphones, this hardware, all have a place, a purpose. these things are chosen for character, and many of them are time tested, well-worn examples of the truest fidelity
that money can buy. it is important that sound is captured in a serious way, and
that exploration functions as a compliment, not a hindrance......

take a look at these lovely machines, by selecting the links below........